Celebrating Literary Diversity: LN Medical College’s Tribute to Chingiz Aitmatov

Celebrating Literary Diversity By LNMC


LN Medical College in Kyrgyzstan recently hosted a literary evening of cultural richness and diversity, paying homage to the legendary Chingiz Aitmatov on his 95th birthday. The event, titled “Chingiz Aitmatov – the Writer of the Universe,” rose above language barriers, fostering a celebration of literature and cultural exchange. The event transcended mere words, becoming a symphony that harmonized beyond language barriers. It wasn’t just a celebration of literature; it was an immersive experience of cultural exchange, where the brilliance of Aitmatov’s legacy united hearts and minds in a celebration of the rich curtain of human expression.

Multilingual Festivities:

On December 19, 2023, the small meeting hall of the main building came alive with the spirit of literary appreciation. The festivities unfolded in Kyrgyz, Russian, English, and Hindi languages symbolizing the global reach of Aitmatov’s literary legacy.

Cultural Showcase:

Foreign students showcased their linguistic skills by presenting quotations from Aitmatov’s works in various languages. The portrayal of Mankurt from “Kylym karyatar bir kun” in Russian, an excerpt from “Samanchy’s Path” in Kyrgyz, and a scene from “Jamila” in Hindi highlighted the linguistic diversity of the audience.

Artistic Performances:

Second-year Indian students added a musical touch to the evening with a heartfelt performance of Chingiz Aitmatov’s composition, “Missing the Hot Lake.” The inclusion of the song “Enekem” from Tibet added a global perspective to the cultural amalgamation.

Dance and Cultural Fusion:

The performance by students showcased not only their dedication to embracing local traditions but also the unity fostered within the LN Medical College community. The beats weren’t just musical; they were a bridge between cultures. And did we mention the “Kara Jhorgo” dance? Pure cultural bliss!

Literary Recitations:

A highlight of the evening was the recitation of Chingiz Aitmatov’s profound thoughts and witty words. The recital of “The Great Dispute that has been going on since time immemorial” in various languages added a poetic touch to the celebration.

Culmination with National Pride:

The literary evening they have concluded on a high note with students presenting their countries’ cultures through an “Indian dance” and concluded with singing the Indian anthem. This fusion of cultural elements emphasized the harmonious blend of traditions within the LN Medical College community.

Guest Expressions:

As the evening unfolded, the guests, including Vice-rector Sadyk Alakhan and G. Nazarbekova, couldn’t help but express their gratitude. Professor EN Kablukov added a touch of warmth by addressing students in Hindi. The vibe was gratitude, cheers, and wishes for a successful journey ahead.

Acknowledgments and Future Aspirations:

Dean Chingiz Uzakbaev extended heartfelt thanks to the organizers, J.K. Dzaparova and N.G. Chonmurunova, highlighting the importance of such events in the future. The literary evening not only celebrated the legacy of Chingiz Aitmatov but also showcased the unity in diversity at LN Medical College.

Such events not only enrich the student experience but also strengthen the bonds of understanding and respect among the diverse community of LN Medical College.

In the heart of LN Medical College, this literary evening wasn’t just an event; it was a celebration of unity, culture, and the timeless magic woven by Chingiz Aitmatov. As we wrap up this tale, let’s toast to more evenings that celebrate the richness of literature and the beautiful blend of cultures at LN Medical College. Until next time, keep the literary spirit alive!