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Our Collaboration

In order to establish an Indian university in the heart of Kyrgyzstan i.e., Bishkek, we collaborated with the Kyrgyz National University. We are fortunate enough to collaborate with the oldest and the largest government educational institution of Kyrgyzstan.

It was established on October 25, 1925, as the “Kyrgyz Institute of Education”, but later it was changed to “Kyrgyz National University”, named after Yusuf Balasaguni.

KNU is the most prestigious educational institution in the region. It is famous for its educational excellence and global standard of education. KNU offers courses in diverse educational domains, it has covered all the fields such as Law, Management & Business, Medicine & Health, Physics and Electronics, Foreign Languages, Economics, International studies etc. It has 56 undergraduate programs, 32 magistracy programs, 14 secondary vocational education programs and 10 economy and pedagogy programs along with 5 five-year study programs. KNU follows Bologna process to ensure higher standards of education.

The university has a team of expert and professional faculties with experience in their relevant fields. KNU follows global standards of teaching practices that is why to maintain the ideal teacher-student ratio, it has a total of 2654 teaching staff. KNU is successfully serving the society and providing access to quality education to all the student community.