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Kyrgyzstan's History

It is a landlocked country located in Central Asia. It is bordered by China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. It occupies the land area of approx. 77,182 square miles. It ranks 88th in the world in terms of sheer size. The climate varies regionally. It has Continental to the Polar type of climate depending upon the elevation. The terrain of the country is largely made up of mountains, valleys, and basins which enhance the scenic beauty of the country. It is also known as the “Switzerland of Central Asia” It is home to a population of approx. 6.42 million. The country harbors cultural diversity as it has population of multiple ethnicities (more than 80 different. Ethnic groups) The largest ethnic group that comprises 70% of the population is known as Kyrgyz (Turkish people).

Kyrgyzstan is a secular country that provides freedom of religion to all. It is a parliamentary representative democratic republic that has a president as a nominal head and Prime minister as executive head. Kyrgyzstan is a developing country and its economy is majorly dependent on Agriculture and export industries. As per the Global finance magazine’s safety index 2019, Kyrgyzstan is safer than India.