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Student & Hostel Life

Student Life & Hostel

Many people believe that student life is all just learning: answers at seminars, taking notes of lectures. This is far from the case.

Students not only receive higher education, but also develop numerous talents in themselves and in others. Student life is the most beautiful time. It is the student years that are the most interesting and unforgettable. Student life brings a lot of joy. At first, a person is happy when he learns that he has become a student, then new acquaintances and friends. From session to session, students live a fun life. Every person who was a student can remember many interesting stories from student life, because this is the most interesting time.

Our Mess

The kitchen is free for students. They can prepare food themselves but in the first-year mess is mandatory for all international students. The charges may vary according to the choice of meals they choose but generally for standard Indian food for two times lunch and dinner will Cost 120 US Dollars per month and for three times including breakfast will cost 200 US Dollars. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are provided at the time in Hostel. Nonveg for nonvegetarian students are served twice or thrice a week. Rest foods are added to the menu after discussing with student's the demand and availability of seasonal vegetables. We believe a healthy soul resides in a healthy body.